Sunday, November 19, 2017

Monday Making

Remember my "H" quilt?

I've stalled a few times with this one
as decisions come up.

First there was the border to figure out. to quilt???

The borders are on.
Mustard cotton is from a table cloth
found at the thrift store!

The bigger appliqued circles
are vintage yo-yos given to me a long time ago!

I LOVE re-purposing and using 
someone else's leftovers.

ALL the H's are quilted!
I had a hard time deciding HOW to quilt them...
but once I got going it took less time then I anticipated.

Now I'm working on the border.
It will be QUITE a while before THAT part gets done.
I am mostly ECHO quilting the vine and circles.

What are YOU making this week??

Friday, November 17, 2017

Little Finishes

This week I was able to finish a few small things.

Potholders for new members at my church
were first on the list.
Nothing fancy.
Just plain ol' scraps
and an old (clean) towel for batting.

I did add some fun flowers to the back!

I enjoy giving these little "somethings" away.
I add the church cookbook,
so I hope it feels like a welcome from EVERYONE!

I also finished a small vest I've been working on.
These little baby vests are SO addictive.

They're small, a portable project and CUTE!!
Pattern for this newborn vest is FREE here.
I am tempted to buy a pattern with the larger sizes!

I also made cookies.
I blame pinterest for these RICH cookies!

The picture GRABBED me and I couldn't rest until they were made.


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Auction in progress

The nonprofit Quilt Alliance launched it's annual auction this week.
The theme is VOICES
and you can find my quilt,
as well as many others, HERE.

They were ALL on display at the 
a couple of weeks ago.
I would have loved to see the quilts in person!

Help support
Documenting, Preserving
and Sharing the history of QUILTS
and their makers!!!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Monday Making

Every year, about this time, I get to thinking about the graduation quilts
that I traditionally make for high school graduates at my church.

This is what THINKING looks like.  :)

The log cabin-esque blocks are very free form
and have not been trimmed yet.

Making this kind of quilt block is a natural for me.
It requires:
NO pre-planning.
NO special rulers.

Most of the strips were cut with scissors
as I sat at the sewing machine.

This is the "fabric" of choice piled on the floor
and on the table.

Lots of old shirts plus an assortment of scraps
and some striped yardage.

For some ODD reason
I'm saving the cuffs, collars and tags.

I DID make a tag quilt once and dream I might do it again!
But the cuffs and collars???
Ah well.
Maybe I'll be inspired someday.

This is last week's work.
I put ALL the little triangles together
and this is ALL I got.
It's too small at this point.....
 I will let it simmer in the "TO FINISH someday" pile for a while.

What are YOU making???

Friday, November 10, 2017

Christmas Quilt

I had a STRONG feeling THIS pattern
would be PERFECT in Red and Green.

I was right.

What a FUN Christmas quilt!

Christmas is coming.

Maybe there's time to get it QUILTED!!???

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Monday Making

Hand me downs.
Little baggies of scraps.
Someone else's leftovers.

These are the kinds of things
I LOVE to inherit.
They catch my creative interest!

I don't know why they appeal to me MORE
 than a brand new BOLT of fabric.
Who knows.

These little half square triangles were leftovers
from someone's quilt project.
They are the BEGINNING of MY project!!

I wonder what they are leftover from...?
I will enjoy figuring out
WHERE we will GO together
on another QUILTING journey.

I also LOVE having little leftover balls of yarn handy.

That mellow yellow up on top of this little vest
sure came in HANDY when I ran out of the colorful yarn!

AND look!
It's the perfect match!

Whether it's leftover fabric
to BEGIN a project...
or leftover yarn
to END a project.

I am HAPPY to use them BOTH!
What are YOU making this week???

Friday, November 3, 2017

One Patch Baby

Finishes are SO nice.

This quilt is made up of some HAPPY scraps.

ALL from the 2 1/2" square drawer!!

The little drawer is STUFFED full.

It's so fun to dig around in all that
SCRAPPY goodness when making a quilt!

The backing is from my stash as well.
I actually had a piece big enough!
Those big pieces are harder find around here.

Guess I'm succeeding at USING up
and NOT shopping!!!

I also added a scrappy binding!
Woo hoo!

I quilted simple lines diagonally through each white square.
Easy peasy.
My deadline was MET!

The baby shower can NOW happen.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Monday Making

It's Sunday Night
and I am trying to make my weekly to do list.
I like setting goals for the week.
Sometimes they are LOFTY, time consuming goals.
And.... sometimes the goal is simple.....
Like: GET UP every morning.

This week I NEED to finish this baby quilt.

Since I'm almost out of time
I will be adding white borders instead of more blocks.
Adding borders is a VERY simple way to
GROW a quilt to the right size.

IS THERE A RIGHT SIZE when it comes to baby quilts????

Inquiring minds want to know.

Link up and share what YOU HOPE to get done this week!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Monday Making

It's time for a Monday Making party!

I have been busy knitting little baby things
like this precious little beanie.

When I'm not knitting,
I'm holding a precious bundle.
Let me introduce my newest granddaughter.

 I may even get a few minutes to hand quilt my "H" quilt!

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Monday Making

I FINALLY started HAND quilting my "H" quilt!

It was at first difficult to decide HOW to quilt it.
Then it was hard to imagine HAND quilting the entire thing!
Just thinking about it slowed me down!

After getting a few H's done...
I'm not as hesitant to work on it!!
Amazing how just a few stitches can get the
ol' quilting juices going!

I'm also working on a simple baby quilt.

Gotta love those simple scrappy quilts!!!

What are YOU making this week??

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Monday Making

It's time for a MONDAY MAKING party again!

The weeks FLY by...
Don't they??

I'm always happy to have time at home to sew
and FINISH a quilt like in the last post.

MUCH of time though...
I'm on the GO and need a project that's portable.

KNITTING to the rescue!

I'm working on a shawl these days.

that I found on ravelry.
What a GREAT source of inspiration!!

What are YOU making this week???

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Saturday Scraps

It is SO so nice to get a quilt finished!!

I love all the warm scraps in this one.

I found the perfect green to bind it....

And the PERFECT backing fabric!!
In my STASH!!

Isn't that a pretty fabric on the back???

A simple wavy diagonal line
is now one of my favorite quilt motifs.

Instead of using my walking foot
I put the feed dogs down...
use my quilting foot.
I loosely follow the diagonal without STRESSING 
about it being exactly straight!

I used a half log cabin block to make this quilt.
2 1/2" strips.
Super simple.
The perfect kind of SCRAP QUILT.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Monday Making

This week I hope to make more Christmas blocks
using THIS pattern.

I doubt if this Christmas quilt will be done in time!
I will see how far I get!!

I am still trying to use ONLY my stash.
Do you know how hard that is??
Sometimes the color options are THIN!
Believe it or NOT!

What are YOU making this week??

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Modern Mini

The Call went out for quilts.
The color palette was chosen.
The THEME was chosen.
The size was manageable.

I answered the call.

12"x 12"
Log Cabin quartet


Sunday, September 24, 2017

Monday Making

Isn't this a pretty quilt?
I love all those pretty fabrics!

This isn't my quilt top.
It was in the pile of TO BE QUILTED
charity quilts at my local guild.

I enjoy the quilting process when there's
absolutely NO PRESSURE!!!

And charity quilts are in THAT category!

I also am happy these quilts are a manageable SIZE!!!

I am meandering around
with a loose flower motif.

It is a doodling kind of quilting
and it WORKS perfectly.

What are YOU working on this week??

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Monday Making

I'm making a Christmas quilt!

Scrappy REDS and GREENS

Beginnings are ALWAYS FUN!

Just hope I have enough of the reds and greens
I really AM trying to use my stash
and IF I can't find the right colors lurking here...

You know what will happen next!!!

I will be teaching a quilting class 
with this pattern Oct. 6 (Friday)
Excited to spend a WHOLE day quilting!

What are YOU making this week??

Saturday, September 16, 2017


Hand stitching is so satisfying.

I love adding contrasting color to patchwork!

and when the project is small...
I goes so FAST!!!

It made me REALLY want to get going on a bigger quilt!
Just need to get a quilt sandwich made and get GOING!!

These little mug rugs will be gifted soon
with a mug!
Yeah for simple practical little gifts!!
Homemade makes me happy!

Homemade is also nice in the kitchen.
This is an excellent pie that takes NO TIME at all.

I bought a ready made crust
and filled it up.
Easy peasy.